Hi, I'm Danneita Johnson, LCPC

And I provide EMDR Therapy in Chicago

I help children and adults who’ve experienced trauma find a way through it using EMDR as a therapeutic intervention. Through compassion and practicing presence, I provide a space where you can be yourself without judgment.

Together, we'll explore the best way to get to a place where you can live without the hurt haunting you.

If You Feel Lost, I Hear You, And You Are Not Alone

Recovering from trauma is difficult and doesn't magically happen just because we want it. You've made it this far and that says something wonderful about you.

Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed right now with all that's going on. You may be feeling:

  • overwhelmed by memories from the past
  • alone and disconnected
  • not sure if you'll ever be happy again
  • like you have tried everything

If distressing thoughts and images are affecting your ability to live your life, then it may be time to get counseling.

It’s Possible To Feel Better

As your therapist, I will collaborate with you on the best way forward.

I've found most people I've worked with over the years have experienced some form of trauma. And for a great number of them, the trauma occurred during childhood. Many people don't believe they can heal from their trauma but I'm here to tell you that is not true. Healing is not only possible but probable when you have the right help.

There Are Many Benefits To Counseling

Counseling can successfully help you find healthier ways to cope with what happened. It can help you:

  • make room for more joy and laughter
  • relax and open up more
  • feel more connected
  • look forward to the future

These are a few of the ways Therapy can help.

A Little About My Professional Background

I received my Masters in Clinical Psychology from Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois. I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the state of Illinois and an EMDR-certified, Brainspotting-trained clinician. I have a history of working with marginalized populations whether due to race, religion, immigration status, sexual orientation, and gender identity. In addition, I've worked with children impacted by grief and trauma due to homicide. I have over 14 years of counseling experience. State of Illinois License # 1800.06419

There is Hope, There Is Help

Getting counseling can help you feel better. Discover how I can help. Reach out to get your free 10 minute phone consultation. During the consultation call, you can share the reason you're seeking counseling and we can see whether or not I'm a good fit. To get your free 10 minute phone consultation, call 312-927-9671. I'm here for you.