3 Things Being A Therapist Taught Me

I’ve learned many things over the last decade plus of being a therapist. Three basic, yet profound, truths remain. Everybody has a story. Everyone wants to feel heard. Healing does not take place in isolation.

Everybody, including children, has a story to share. There’s the things you’ve been through in your life. Then there’s the story you tell yourself about what you’ve been through. Your hopes and your hurts, they all matter. Not everyone deserves to hear your story but when we choose not to tell our story at all we stifle our voice and our voice is the seat of out power. So, what’s your story?

Everyone wants to feel heard. It helps validate our experience as real and worthy. When we are consistently ignored by those who matters most it can be a wounding experience. For many, therapy is the first place they felt listened to without judgment. What do you need to feel heard?

Healing does not take place in isolation. This is not to say don’t take time for yourself or set boundaries. Isolation is a protective measure and can be great for re-energizing but don’t confuse it with healing. If the only way you can feel safe is to stay away from everyone and everything, this is not healing. Who or what helps you feel connected?