EMDR Therapy
in Chicago, Illinois

Do Any of The Following Resonate With You?

  • You’ve seen or experienced something horrible
  • You try your best to avoid or forget what happened but you can’t
  • You have trouble feeling connected
  • You worry more than usual and find yourself on edge often
  • You don’t recognize yourself since the horrible thing happened

If so, I can help.


You keep having memories of things you would like to forget. These memories overwhelm you and are disruptive to your day. You might find yourself feeling stuck and lost.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) can help breakdown emotional blocks by helping you process memories of trauma. It can help reduce stress. It can make it easier for you to integrate and use new coping skills effectively.



Hi, I'm Danneita Johnson

I provide trauma therapy to children and adults here in Chicago. If you feel stuck, working together we can help you find a way forward.

Talking about trauma can be difficult and doesn't always lead anywhere. I can help you process your trauma with evidenced-based interventions, compassion, and in some cases with minimal talk.

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